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Vibrance. Speed. Accuracy. Affordability. LTI’s lineup of exceptional equipment provides you the highest quality in the shortest time – often with substantial savings. So when you need high quality graphics printing with Water Base or UV Inks and coatings, lamination, sheets, rolls, fanfolds, print on both sides of board stock as well as the adhesive on pressure sensitive, paper, films, vinyl, clear poly, metallized or aluminum stocks… then we’re the place!

Take a peek at our production floor:



090902-38826-Kodak-FlexcelKodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic System

  • Creates photo-vibrant, natural and consistent results to degrees no one ever thought possible through the affordable process of flexography
  • Capable of holding the smallest dot in the industry
  • Click here to learn more.

Mark Andy VPM400 20” Plate mounting system

  • The latest in video plate mounting technology
  • A stand-alone unit with adjustable table, plate cylinder mounting rails and laser pointers
  • Provides fast and accurate plate mounting

090902-5165-plate-mountingC500 Plate Mounting System

  • with Video Monitor for tight registration mounting
  • Innovative pre-press plate system produces quality levels previously limited to offset or gravure printing
  • Patented pin-registration plate mounter designed by LTI founder Leroy Baker

SPEC Ink Dispensing System provides specialized color-matching and repeatability

Computerized color mixing

  • and precise ink dispensing
  • Makes matching your L*a*b and Delta specifications simple for all your G7 projects

anniloxFlexo- Wash Anilox Roller Cleaner

  • After EVERY print job the Anilox rollers are cleaned and stored for the next job. We never print with a previously used Anilox roller. This gives you a consistent print job every time.

equipment-xriteXRite L7-526 Exact SpectroDensitometer

  • To verify your brand and labels match your L*a*b* and Delta values within your specified tolerances


equipmentMark Andy Flexographic Presses

The European Flexographic Industry Association calls Mark Andy’s Performance line the “new benchmark in web flexopresses,” and we wholeheartedly agree. LTI is proud to be among the first printers in the United States to house the new Performance Series P7 20” press, among several other Mark Andy machines. Click here to learn more.

P7 Glamour angle20” Performance Series P7 Press

  • P7 is the high-end, efficient solution for the most complex print applications. Multiple servos accommodate more functions at each print station and the independent web pacing allows enhanced web tension management over traditional flexo presses. Simplicity of the print station design, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy, shift-to-shift and day-to-day. Additional advantages over traditional presses include short web paths and minimal ink usage requirements resulting in waste savings up to 50% and fast changeover times for increased productivity.
  • Features:
    • Auto registration
    • Hot and Cold Foil
    • Embossing
    • Chilled Impression Roller
    • Dual Web Paths
    • Dual rewinds
    • Rotary Screen
    • RFID Insertion
    • Film Configurations
    • In-line Lamination
    • Rail System

equipment-corona13” 5000 Servo-Driven 8-Color Press

  • Equipped with the Martin MBSF automatic Butt-Splicer roll stock feeds to the press without having to slow down or stop to change rolls. This saves both time and material, resulting in a superb quality product at the best possible price.
  • At the end of the press, a Martin LRD automatic transfer rewind winds up printed rolls, again without stopping the press, for continuous roll-to-roll production.
  • Also equipped with the in-line slitting to deliver multiple rolls right off the press.
  • This machines capability ranges from printing on 1 ml. film up to 14 pt. pressure sensitive substrates; sheeted or rolls.
  • Features:
    • Self-registration station to station
    • Remote Diagnostics
    • Video Monitor
    • Corona Treater
    • Two UV Stations
    • Turn Bar
    • Laminate in-line
    • Relam-Delam Unit
    • Embossing

equipment-ABGraphicTurret13” 2200 4-Color Press

  • Customized computer software enables print stations to engage and disengage on the run.
  • Starting with the Martin MBSF automatic Butt-Splicer and ending with a custom AB Graphic Turret including glue stations, automatic core loader, automatic labeler, and servo driven.

equipment-martin13” 2200 8-Color Press

  • Features:
    • UV coating
    • Four Color Process
    • Lamination
    • Turn bar
    • Relam-Delam
    • Hot Foil Stamping
    • BST ProMark Video Monitor
    • Extended Take Off for Larger Rolls, Sheets and Roll capability.

090902-5173-equipment-header7” 2200 6-Color Press

  • Features:
    • One UV station
    • Embossing
    • In-line Lamination
    • Turn Bar
    • Relam-Delam
    • BST Pro Mark Video Monitor
    • Sheet or roll capability.
  • This press is also equipped with a CTC Turret for rolls straight off the press.

13” 2200 2-Color Press with extended frame for larger roll take off


Karlville 300D-HS 300 Seamer and CUT-300 Cutter

13” Arpecco Tracker Premier inspectors/rewinders

13” Mark Andy Simplex VSR 300 inspectors/rewinders

Magnum 2300 Case Sealer for cases as small as 5”x4”x5”

Interpack 2024 Case Sealer

Smipack shrinkwrapper

karville2 karville1 equipment-magnum